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Gedichte aus dem Englisch-Grundkurs Q4

Poem I

What is love?

Love is the source of life.

Love is liberty.

Love is sometimes hurting like a knife.

Love isn’t defined by quality.

Love is a way of life.

Love is a part of your personality.

Love is a reason to survive.

Love isn’t a force of society.

Love has its special drive.

Love is the opposite of seperately.

Love is silence because you dive.

Love is what love is,

nothing but also everything.

Poem II


If you are sad

or you  need help

don’t forget

you have me as a friend.

Friends are crazy

and stay forever,

they give you tips

and make you clever.

Love yourself and

love your friends

´cause that’s better

than a man.


Im Huhngraben 2

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